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Ventilation is needed  in your Roof Space / Premises to assist Indoors with the removal Pollutants in the Air.

Hot or Cold Weather - Vents are designed to assist in  Managing Indoor Temperatures and assisting with Air Quality Control.  Venting fumes or smells out of closed in or Confined spaces, a poor quality of air may cause dizziness, headaches, allergies and asthma.  in the commercial department where they are a concern.
Good and Effective Factory and Commercial Premise Ventilation, is the key to high performance. By installing a suitable number of Industrial Ventilation fans, this will assist with control of  temperature in your Factory / Warehouse or Offices.

Controlling the temperature in your manufacturing environment is important both for the comfort of your staff and to keep your machinery running smoothly and without interruptions both factors are important for manufacturing efficiency and can be ensured through appropriate commercial ventilation.

Correctly installed Ventilation Systems have also been proven to increase the Efficiency of your Air Conditioners as the ceiling space stays ventilated..

Louvres are also a popular architectural option to protect your building, its occupants and content from exterior elements while facilitating natural light and air-flow.

Dale Group are proud installers of many Louvres and Ventilation systems that have proven to be a great success for comfort, efficiency and money saving.

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