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Saving Money

Dale Group helps save money while Maintaining your Roof by Repairing Leaking Roofs and any area that could cause further damage to industrial and Commercial Properties and Buildings by providing the best commercial roofing in Perth.

Being Pro-Activ saves Money. The most Cost Effective way to do that is Maintain your Building and Roof by getting a Professional Roof Specialist to fix it Properly.

"Being pro-active versus reactive maintenance.  A good place to start.  Owners and facility managers who react to problems as they occur, pay an average of 25c per square foot annually for maintenance. Owners and facility managers who inspect and repair routinely (proactively) - before problems happen - spend an average of 14c per square foot annually. Plus proactive maintenance roof's last an average of 21 years compared to an average lifespan of 13 years for reactive maintenance. The longer you can extend your roof's life before replacement , the more your overall savings increase and your life cycle costs decrease"
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